Brand Timbre was founded to help companies like yours use audio strategically — to express the spirit of your brand, enhance your customer experience, and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Where language is great for articulating your values, ideals, intentions and capabilities, music can reveal the soul of your organization in a way that both your employees and your audiences will feel and connect with.

- Founder Brian Rupp

What We Do

Audio branding is about paying attention to what your customers hear and being purposeful about how you use audio to project your brand identity and make your customer experience better.

We’ve been helping companies develop their audio identities and use sound strategically since 2006. We help you design and develop your entire audio ecosystem so that everything your customers hear is authentic and working in concert with your broader branding and marketing efforts.

Timbre helps some of the world’s most innovative companies develop and manage the audible components of their brand experiences. From Kaiser Permanente, Illumina, and Blue Shield of California, to Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear, AAA of California, Utah and Nevada, and the National Australia Bank, market leaders look to us to help them harness the connective power of music and sound to engage and move their customers on an emotional level.


Anywhere that sound or music can help tell your story, express your identity, improve your brand experience, and engage your customers’ emotions, Brand Timbre helps you do it intelligently, with purpose and imagination.

What does your brand sound like? We'll help you answer this question definitively and develop signature assets like your audio logo that express the emotional dimensions of your brand.
Most companies use sound, but often there is no overarching plan that ties all the audio touch points together. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan for using sound purposefully and coherently throughout your audio ecosystem.
Music can make or break your retail experience. We provide everything you need to ensure that customers feel the way you want them to feel, from hardware and installation to custom programming and message production.
Music isn’t the only type of sound that can enhance built environments. We can help you create original soundscapes that elicit a sense of wonder and excitement, or perhaps peace and tranquility, in both customers and employees.
Sound has the distinct advantage of not requiring us to pay direct attention to it to perceive it. This makes sound design a valuable tool in the enhancement of your products—hardware or software.
In a market saturated with stimuli for your eyes, sound is a great way to cut through the visual clutter. We create music-based engagement campaigns that take advantage of the arresting power and intrinsic value of music.
Whether it’s transforming a stairwell into an interactive sound tunnel or bringing the sounds of nature into your atrium, we create immersive aural experiences that add greater sensory and emotional dimension to your built spaces.


Co-founders Brian Rupp and Jeff Poteet formed Brand Timbre in 2010 after building the audio-branding practice at Rumblefish, Inc. Prior to that, Brian was creative director at ID Branding, and Jeff managed integrated marketing campaigns at a variety of companies including ABC/Disney, Entercom Communications, Gibson Guitars, and Clear Channel.
Brand Timbre Principals
Jeff Poteet
Founder | Director of Client Services
Brian Rupp
Founder | Creative Director