Retail Music & Messaging

Background music can make or break your retail experience. Brand Timbre specializes in music for businesses and can take care of every aspect of your in-store audio experience to create the perfect mood – from hardware and installation to custom music programming and message production.

How do you want your customers to feel?

Beyond What does your brand sound like?, this is the most important question we ask when designing your in-store aural experience. That’s because music is a powerful mood setter, capable of affecting your customers’ emotional state, regardless of whether they are paying attention to it or not. Music can literally set the tone for your retail experience, and in doing so contribute to an environment that encourages patrons to hang around and shop or eat longer.

This same principle applies to your on-hold experience. While no company wants to leave customers on hold any longer than absolutely necessary, sometimes on-hold wait times are unavoidable. But the right music programming can help minimize the perception of passing time while evoking a mood or feeling that supports your brand identity. Strategic placement of relevant and potentially entertaining messages can also help make your customers’ on-hold experience more pleasant and shorter feeling.

Technology to suit any need

Brand Timbre not only designs branded music and messaging programs for overhead and on-hold use, we also provide all of the audio equipment you need to deliver these programs. From multi-channel amplifiers that enable you to divide your retail or office settings into discreet audio zones, to state-of-the-art speakers and networked digital media players that allow you to manage your overhead/on-hold experience through an online portal, Brand Timbre has a technology solution that’s right for your business and budget.

Music licensing and message production

Brand Timbre’s partnerships with the world’s leading music licensor’s gives you access to a massive library of major label music in every imaginable genre. Brand Timbre also maintains a network of translation services and top voice-over artists so you can broadcast messages in whatever language your audience requires, from English and Spanish to Mandarin and Vietnamese. Professional message production is also available, usually within 48 hours of your request.