Most companies use sound, but often there is no overarching plan that ties all of their audio touch points together. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive audio strategy so that everything your customers hear is on brand working in concert toward the same goals.

Audio branding is happening

Regardless of whether you have defined your brand sound and developed an audio strategy for using sound and music purposefully across your organization, your employees are making decisions about audio all the time: What kind of music should we use for the new product video? How do we license it? What should our voice-overs sound like? Is audio feedback a good idea for our new app? Should we broadcast promotional messages through our on-hold system?

Everything your audience hears from your company influences how they perceive and feel about your brand. So, ideally, all of the choices your employees are making about sound are consistent with your brand identity (see Audio Identity Development). You also want all of of your aural touch points to be working in concert toward the same goals, and this is where a comprehensive audio strategy comes in.

Assessing your audio ecosystem

The first step in formulating a coherent audio strategy for the use sound and music is to audit your existing aural touch points. Brand Timbre will help you take stock of all customer interactions that involve sound, and we will guide you through the process of assessing to what extent these interactions deliver a coherent—and valuable—aural experience. Next, we help you assess potential audio touch points, exploring whether sound or music might improve customer interactions that currently lack a sonic dimension.

Seizing every opportunity for emotional engagement

Once we have a handle on all of your audio touch points, existing and potential, we can begin exploring ways to create a cohesive audio ecosystem that supports your branding goals. Sound, particularly music, is a powerful mood setter and a great way to evoke the emotions you want your audience to associate with your brand. Brand Timbre will help you take full advantage of sound’s evocative power to make customer interactions more emotionally connective and, ultimately, deliver a coherent aural impression across all of your brand touch points.

Audio Audit

Download our Audio Audit worksheet and begin the process of assessing your audio ecosystem so you can determining how to use sound and music more purposefully.