Brand Timbre designs for the ears.

We’re audio branding experts. From audio logos to retail music programs, we design what your customers hear. Because nothing resonates with people’s emotions like sound.

What does your brand sound like?

We help you answer this question so that all of your audio touch points are hitting the right notes.

How do you want your audience to feel?

Sound, especially music, is a powerful mood setter. We help you harness this power to set the right tone for your customers and connect with them emotionally.

Brand Timbre: We amplify the soul of your organization

Brand Timbre is an audio branding agency that helps you use sound and music strategically to set the right mood, evoke the spirit of your brand, optimize your customer experience, and connect with your audiences on an emotional level. We help you design and develop your entire audio ecosystem so that everything your customers hear is authentic and working in concert with your broader branding and marketing efforts.

Timbre helps some of the world’s most innovative companies develop and manage the audible components of their brand experiences. From Illumina, Blue Shield of California, and America’s largest integrated healthcare system, to Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear, AAA of California, Utah and Nevada, and the National Australia Bank, market leaders look to us to help them harness the expressive power of music and sound to engage and delight their customers.

What is audio branding?

Audio branding is about paying attention to what your customers hear and being purposeful about how you use audio to project your brand identity and make your customer experience more connective.

Audio Branding Services

Brand Timbre is a full-service audio branding agency, handling every aspect of your audio branding needs.

Our team of audio-branding pros includes award-winning brand strategists, composers and sound designers, voice-over artists, music supervisors, music licensing professionals, coders, project managers, and graphic designers. We are a collaborative agency, accustomed to working in different configurations, depending on the need, with a range of client teams, from brand marketing, product development, and experience design, to IT, operations, and facilities management.

About Brand Timbre

Brand Timbre helps companies design, develop, and manage the audible components of their brand experiences. Beginning in 2010, we’ve helped pioneer the discipline of strategic audio branding, combining a rigorous, identity-development methodology with a holistic experience-design approach and expertise in psychoacoustics and the psychology of music to help our clients explore and exploit every opportunity to move and connect with their audiences through branded audio: music, voice, sound design, and any combination of these.