Sound Masking

Open office spaces and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have increased demand for acoustic privacy. Brand Timbre offers clients that need to protect private conversations or enable greater productivity a range of sound-masking solutions for every setting and budget.

Keeping private health information private

HIPAA’s privacy and security rules require healthcare organizations to minimize the risk of individuals’ health information being overheard. Hospitals, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, public health authorities, life insurers, universities, military medical facilities, and any other setting where personal health information is discussed must safeguard conversations no matter where they may occur.

Fortunately, most healthcare facilities do not require expensive sound proofing or elaborate retrofits. In the vast majority of cases, switching to ceiling tiles with a higher noise-reduction rating and installing a quality sound masking system will be sufficient to meet HIPAA requirements.

Brand Timbre designs sound-masking solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing architecture. Whether out of sight, above your ceiling grid, or incorporated tastefully into your interior design, our sound-masking systems enable you to mask conversations in both small and large areas with a subtle, uniform background sound.

Enabling greater employee comfort and productivity

Work environment noise levels have risen steadily with the increase of open office plans and worker density. Traveling cell phone conversations, the absence of workspace partitions, hard, reflective surfaces, open ceilings—all of these factors contribute to a noisy work environment that impedes productivity and increases employee stress levels.

Brand Timbre’s sound-masking solutions will help mitigate the negative effects of noise by effectively blocking out the specific sounds (e.g., the details of a co-worker’s sales call) that are so distracting. Our sound-masking systems are adaptable to any work environment and enable you to improve employee comfort and productivity without expensive construction costs.


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