Brand Timbre was founded on a simple conviction: 

 Every sound, every piece of music, every recorded voice that a business uses to communicate with its audience or enrich its customer experience should be inspired by the same brand ideals, subject to the same style guidelines, derived from the same essential brand attributes, and oriented toward the same goals as all of the verbal, visual, and physical expressions of the brand.

We believe that the audible portion of a company’s brand experience, taken as a whole, should be coherent, purposeful, and authentic to what the brand stands for. Hence, the question we pose to all of our clients when we first begin working with them—What does your brand sound like?—the implication being that a brand should have a distinct and recognizable sound.

The question seems easy enough. That is, until there’s a group of people (the brand team, say) sitting around a conference table, attempting to reach some consensus on the idea. That’s when it really hits companies that they have no common frame of reference for evaluating, much less agreeing on, sound and music: no standards for what types of music best express the brand’s personality or evoke its ideals; no descriptions of what the ideal brand voice sounds like—what sex, what age, what attitude; and no point of view on how to use sound design to make the customer experience better, or whether to use sound at all. In short, no Audio chapter in the Brand Guidelines.

The inevitable result of not having an Audio chapter in your Brand Guidelines is a puzzling gap in your brand identity. While your color palette, typefaces, photography style, graphic motifs, and messaging might be airtight, without Audio Branding standards your sound is likely neither here nor there—a little bit of this and a little bit of that, depending on who produced a given project. And that’s a problem, because your audienece does notice.

This is why Brand Timbre exists: to guide you through the process of determining what your brand should sound like, and to help you figure out how to use sound and music strategically to enhance both your communictions and your brand experience. We pioneered the discipline of audio branding by combining extensive experience in brand identity development with expertise in music psychology and psychoacoustics. We know how to distill your brand identity to its essential elements—who you are and what you stand for—and we know how to express/evoke these elements through music, sound design, and the human voice.


Co-founders Brian Rupp and Jeff Poteet formed Brand Timbre in 2010 after building the audio-branding practice at Rumblefish, Inc. Prior to that, Brian was creative director at ID Branding, and Jeff managed integrated marketing campaigns at a variety of companies including ABC/Disney, Entercom Communications, Gibson Guitars, and Clear Channel.