Brand Timbre was founded on a simple conviction: 

 Every sound, every piece of music, every recorded voice that a business uses to communicate with its audience or enrich its customer experience should be inspired by the same brand ideals, subject to the same style guidelines, derived from the same essential brand attributes, and oriented toward the same goals as all of the verbal, visual, and physical expressions of the brand.


Brand Timbre was founded in 2010 by a small team of senior-level branding and marketing pros that first came together at Rumblefish, Inc. Combining strategic branding and integrated marketing expertise with a deep understanding of music and its effects on listeners, the Brand Timbre team has helped define audio branding as a discipline through a wide range of innovative customer-engagement projects and first-of-their-kind brand-management initiatives related to the strategic use of sound and music. Now in its tenth year, Timbre continues to innovate and establish best practices, developing new ways to help brands engage their audiences with sound and connect with customers on an emotional level.