Brand Timbre Services

Brand Timbre offers a full range of strategic planning and design services to help you optimize your audio ecosystem. Anywhere that sound or music can be used to help tell your story, express your personality, improve your brand experience, and engage your audience’s emotions, Brand Timbre helps you do it strategically, with purpose and imagination.


As with any other aspect of your brand, the aural dimension of your customer experience should be carefully planned and rooted in your identity. Brand Timbre will guide you through the process of defining your sound—your audio identity—and determining the most effective ways to use audio to convey what you stand for and enhance your brand experience.

Audio Identity Development

What does your brand sound like? We help you answer this question definitively and work with you to develop signature audio branding assets like your audio logo that express the emotional dimensions of your band.

Audio Branding Strategy

Most companies use sound, but often there is no overarching plan that ties all the aural touch points together. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan for using sound purposefully and coherently throughout your audio ecosystem.


The proliferation of mobile technology brings with it the expectation for audio. Visuals alone no longer suffice, and this is true of built environments as well, where retailers, healthcare providers, hotels, and others are increasingly mindful of what their customers hear. Brand Timbre will help you build an audio ecosystem that delivers on your brand promise while creating experiences that foster a deeper connection to your brand.

Retail Music & Messaging

Music can make or break your retail experience. We provide everything you need to ensure that customers feel the way you want them to feel, from audio hardware and installation to custom programming and message production.

Environmental Sound Design

Music isn’t the only type of sound that can enhance built environments. Brand Timbre also creates custom ambient soundscapes that transform interiors into evocative aural experiences. We design and build site-specific, interactive audio installations as well, adding even greater sensory and emotional dimension to your built spaces.

Product Sound Design

Sound has the distinct advantage of not requiring us to pay direct attention to it to perceive it. This makes sound design an invaluable tool for the enhancement of your user experiences with both hardware or software products

Customer Engagement Campaigns

In a market saturated with stimuli for the eyes, sound is a great way to cut through the visual clutter. We create music-based engagement campaigns that take advantage of the arresting power and intrinsic value of music to connect with your audiences on a deeper level.

Sound Masking

Brand Timbre provides a range of sound-masking solutions that can protect private conversations in open settings.