Environmental Sound Design 

Music isn’t the only type of sound that can enhance built environments. Brand Timbre creates custom ambient soundscapes that transform interiors into evocative aural experiences. We also design and build site-specific, interactive audio installations, adding even greater sensory and emotional dimension to your built spaces.

“Interiors are like instruments; they are collecting sounds, amplifying, transmitting.”
–Peter Zumthor, Pritzker Laureate, on creating atmosphere in his architecture

How do your interiors sound?

When we talk about how well an architectural space works and how it makes us feel, we tend to focus on two things: our visual perceptions and our assessment of how the space functions from a utilitarian standpoint. But how your customers feel inside your branded spaces is mediated as much by what they hear (or don’t hear). Indeed, it’s through our ears that we sense the life of a place: the activity and chatter of people, the music playing overhead, machines working, doors opening and closing, telephones ringing.  

Brand Timbre can help you create sonic environments that enhance your customer experience on two levels: first, in support of the activities for which your interiors are intended (restful contemplation in a hospital garden, for example); and, second, to evoke a mood or feeling that you want customers to associate with your brand. In this way, your built environments can be enhanced with designed sound both functionally and in terms expressing the emotional dimensions of your brand identity.

Inviting audience participation

To engage visitors to your branded spaces more fully, Brand Timbre also designs and builds site-specific, interactive audio installations. Integrated into your interior space, our responsive sound-art installations invite visitors to pause for a while, play around with sound, and thus participate in the creation of your space’s sonic atmosphere. The immersive experience can have a transformative effect on participants, shifting their state of mind and encouraging them to view your brand in a different light.

NAB Case Study

Learn more about Brand Timbre’s audio installation work through our National Australia Bank case study.