Audio Identity Development

What does your brand sound like? We help define your audio identity and work with you to develop signature audio branding assets like your audio logo that express the emotional dimensions of your band.

What does your brand sound like?

Agreeing on how your brand should sound can be difficult. Musical tastes, for example, are highly subjective, and there’s likely to be a wide range of opinion at your company about what kind of music is right for your brand. Even decisions about what kind of voice talent to use, or what approach to take for the sound design of your new product, are likely to evade easy consensus.

This ambiguity typically stems from a lack of definition and clear guidelines governing the use of music and sound. Unlike other aspects of your brand identity—your logo, messaging, typography, signature graphics, photography style, etc.—your audio identity has likely not been articulated and codified. Decisions about sound and music are probably based instead on subjective opinion, and, as a result, there’s a good chance your “audio ecosystem” lacks sonic coherence.

Why does this matter? Studies show that people are better able to connect with a company whose sound matches its brand identity over one that uses music inconsistently. Over time, arbitrary music selection, or a succession of different voices, makes it difficult to build familiarity and trust. As with any other expression of your brand, your audience wants your sound to be authentic and consistent from one touch point to the next. And this is where Audio Identity Development comes in.

Defining your unique sound—music, voice, and sound effects

Brand Timbre will help you define your sound and build an objective framework that facilitates consistent decision making about sound and music across your organization. What are the musical/sonic implications of your brand personality, core values, and key messages? What emotions do you want people to associate with your brand? What should your brand feel like? These are some of the questions we ask as we work toward a definitive sonic profile of your brand identity.

So, what does your brand sound like? Define your Audio Identity and give your audience an aural experience they will recognize—and trust. 

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