Music App

Music App: Software that enables users to play, create, organize, store, and or/share music. Music apps fall into three basic categories: 1) Web-based apps, which run inside a Web browser; 2) Mobile apps, which run on smartphones and other mobile devices; and 3) Software apps, which are installed and run on a laptop or desktop computer. In the context of engaging current and prospective customers, many companies seeking a more personal connection with their audiences—beyond the normal transaction—offer free, branded music apps as a “freemium” service. Branded music apps enable users to stream or download songs that are of particular relevance to either the company itself or their target audience. In this way, branded music apps give companies a way to express their organizational personality (through the music they choose to share) and initiate a dialogue (through feedback mechanisms, periodic music updates, etc.) with customers that brings the company-customer interaction down to a human level.

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